Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Time No Write

When I started this blog, I thought I had time in my life to keep up with it and keep the world updated on the happenings of my life. We just came off of an absolutely ridiculous, extended summer (super fun!) and I thought things were winding down. They did wind down for a couple of weeks, but I can assure you…my life is wound up once again! The last couple of weeks have been fabulously insane! I need some rest; therefore, I am dubbing this day, lazy/leisure cleaning, bible reading, recommendation letter writing, blog day! Most things can be done from the comfort of my bed! Yay!
“What has happened since I last wrote?” you ask. A WHOLE LOT!!! So much that I can’t update on everything, like I would like to (you know…with details and instructions…etc…) but I’ll hit the highlights…that I remember!

The most exciting new news is that WES AND I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! No, we weren’t really in the market or in need of a house for ourselves, and we would be fine where we are at for several years, BUT we have a great desire to have ridiculous amounts of guests at our house (including the whole high school Sunday school class at Seminole at ONE TIME!). We always keep our eyes on the local real estate listings, and we are always discussing the houses we could potentially flip, rent, build, or whatever…just because it’s interesting and fun. When we came across the house we are in the process of buying, we fell in love. We prayed a ton about it, because when upgrading to a larger house, we wanted to keep ourselves in check and make sure we were still chasing God instead of the American dream. We feel God granted us peace about the decision, and also allowed several things to happen that we believe were just Him confirming this path for us! The night we got the news that they accepted our first offer (and offered to pay closing costs…weird!) Wes and I were completely humbled. I cried. Lol. It’s hard to reason why God would want to bless us in this way because we are so undeserving. We are thankful and will strive to use the house to bring Him glory in all ways that we can! And, as Libby says, this is a perfect example of how we live in God’s economy, not the worlds’.
I seriously didn't take a picture of the front of the here's the living room:)
With that being said, my time following that decision was filled with lots of decluttering/staging /fixing of our current house, as well as choosing finishes for the new house so we can make a budget and priority list of what we can and can’t do in the new house. Because I am so anal about my entire house flowing together and looking cohesive, choosing paint colors alone was a very time consuming task. One of the biggest debates was whether or not to paint the kitchen cabinets, or just darken them with a tinted polyurethane. This was such a huge issue, I had to ask many for advice, including my entire BSF discussion group. Thanks for all of the input, ladies!!
Imagine....dark wood floors, cream cabinets, granite, and new stainless appliances!  Oh...and through that back door is the laundry room...Shawn thinks it's my favorite room in the house...she might be right!
In the end, we chose white. I think I really chose white in my head before the decision, but we have to keep wood floors (refinished, of course) in the kitchen, and I refuse that much wood in one room of my house! Thank goodness, because I really wanted to paint the cabinets in the laundry room, and for the house to be cohesive, the kitchen and the laundry room have to have similar finishes! Haha! Within the next several months, there will be tons of before and after pictures to share, I’m sure! How exciting!

This week had many non-house focused events! Here’s a list of a few of my favorite things that happened!

Monday, I got to go ugly sweater shopping with the Denny twins…whom I love!

Tuesday, I babysat for Tiffany’s MOPS leaders kids. It was interesting. There are about 5 kids who are 3 and under. They like to take each other’s toys. When that happens, no matter what the outcome was, I was left with a screaming child. I was fine with it, but I wondered if the parents below were worried to hear all of the screaming and crying (every kid had their own time in the limelight). Haha! They are cuties though. If anyone has any advice to help reduce this toy-taking business, do share! I have no children or experience with this, and I am scheduled to watch them every other week!

Wednesday-BSF, bible study party, and youth:)

Thursday- Party planning/shopping, lots of cleaning

Friday- Food/Shower prep, Slumber party prep, made cute cake! My SBU friends also came over for a slumber party! It was so good to have them all together and visit. We stayed up until 3-something just chatting and drinking sparkling grape juice. It was fabulous! I love them and hope we can do it more often before some leave the area :(!
I totally stole this picture from Brook's facebook!  I knew I could count on her to have a pic of the group!  These are the lovely ladies who graced me with their presence and helped me a ton:)
 Saturday- I was soooo blessed to have the girls help me a TON with the shower. God knows my needs…I would have been SOOOOOOO stressed and pressed for time without them! The shower went great! Not to brag, but it was really cute! After a little bit of clean-up (not all…still working on putting my house back together) Shawn, Eric, Wes, and I went to Marshfield to see Shawn and Eric’s future house! It was adorable! Perfect for them, with elegant archways and lots of big pretty windows! I can’t wait to see what they do to the place! It’s super fun that my sis and I are in the same process of buying houses at the same time! I love that in the evenings we can share all of our house ideas, and we both get to put them into action very soon!
Everything in this picture is cute as a button:)  Can't wait to meet baby Preslie!  Though I will miss rubbing Missy's tummy!  (I'm sure she won't!  ha!)

Sunday- was a complete blur…even after lots of coffee and an attempted nap. I was beat! I do remember having a nice conversation with the lovely Melissa Starrett, and going to dinner with Davit, our favorite Georgian.

And, that's about all I can think of, though I know there was a lot more that happened!  Thanks for reading the random!  I had fun writing it!
Have an excellent day!

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