Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Antique bedroom

Yes, we refer to one of our spare bedrooms as the antique bedroom.  We call it that because of the beautiful antique bed and antique refinished furniture that is in the room.  In all reality, it is my craft room.  I use every inch of space in there to store all of the crap I acquire as I take up new hobbies.  I seriously spend more time in that closet than in the kitchen (at least for the past few months!)  Ha!  Also, basically everything in the room was a DIY project!  When we must, we use it as a guest room.  The bed is small, so it's not good for couples...or tall people:)

I made the  curtains out of a duvet I had in college.  The duvet was terrible and cheap, but it looks great on the windows!

The desk was a desk I got for $10 at a garage sale when I was in college.  I attempted to refinish it then and did an absolutely terrible job! It looked like it was growing green mold!  How does that even happen?  Then my husband showed me how it was supposed to be done, so we re-refinished it, and now it looks great!  So glad I didn't toss it!  I store a huge box of gift bags under the's peeping through.  Do you recycle gift bags?  I DO!  I DO!!!

Last winter Wes and I finished this dresser.  I think it was his great uncle's (or something like that!)  Anyway, it's really old, and now, after a bit of elbow grease, looks amazing!  Also, it is the PERFECT size for wrapping supplies.  I'm a ribbon and tissue paper junkie, so they both have individual drawers dedicated to them.  The bottom drawer is for rolls of wrapping paper:)   Notice the vase of twigs...they are from Missy's baby shower.  I kinda want to paint them a different color and actually use them.  Yay, free decor!

Another great reason to buy my house:  The shelves on the back wall are, adjustable!  We had a guy come in and add them because I felt there was tons of wasted space in our closets.  Now we use every inch!  These shelves can be easily taken out, and double hanging rods can be put in their place, adding over 4 feet of hanging space for someone using this room as a bedroom!  Or have half shelves/2 ft. of hanging.  So versatile!  Both of our spare bedrooms have closets like this...because my mother-in-law and I crammed all of our best solutions into one amazing idea!
Last, but not least, the most helpful organizational tool I own!  I found this, unused hunk of GOLD in the back of my in-law's office.  In the past, they used it for their plan books (they do construction).  You know, before everything was computerized.  When I saw it, I fell in love, and made my husband bring it home immediately (after asking permission from the bosses, of course ;))  I spray painted it and threw it in the closet!  It keeps all of my crafty and office things nice and organized, which is a difficult task!  I haven't labeled every drawer yet...but they are all used!!!

Hope you enjoyed the antique room!  I don't know when I'll get the other bathroom and bedroom up, as we currently have guests, and will for just a tad bit longer:)
Have a great day!

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