Sunday, September 26, 2010

This week...

This past week was fabulously fun!  I got to be creative!
This weeks activities included:
1.  Landscaping-  Wes and I started landscaping last Saturday.  We are not done yet, as you can see in the pictures, but it is a great start, and I'm excited to actually see some progress.  This past spring we decided we hated our landscaping, so we chopped it all down...and never got around to replacing it, until this week.
This was our yard before...

This is our new landscaping.  As you can see, I still have some planting to do.  One of this weeks projects:)

  The side of our house also got a bit of TLC.  This was more of a dramatic change, but I'm slightly more embarrassed of the "before" pic!  ha!  Pretty sure this has irises in the spring, and I bought a lot of tulip bulbs to plant this week!  Yay!

I made invitations for my cousin, Missy's shower.  I wanted to do something that matched her nursery theme.  Thanks to my mother-in-law, Libby, these didn't cost a thing!  Yay for her stash of office supplies!  I accidentally mis-spelled her last name in my first round of invites!  dope!  I was sooo bummed; I nearly cried.  Luckily, Missy's nice and said I could send them to the people who didn't share her last name and probably wouldn't notice...unless they read my blog...:)  I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda proud that I made this in Microsoft Word with a very limited selection of clip art! :)

batman cake

I got to make a cake and cupcakes for my adorable nephew's 3rd birthday party.  I was pretty pleased with them.  The one thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the dark blue icing colored the yellow color flow on the cupcakes overnight.  You live, you learn!

This is Zane meeting Batman for the first time:)  What a lucky little boy!
 The costume my husband is wearing was also one of this week's projects.  Some of the stuff was bought at the store and altered, and other parts of the costume I made.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of a fan of semi-homemade costumes.  Below is a picture of another thrown together costume...
Spartan Costumes for an SNL themed birthday party
Wes also had to wear women's clothing for this costume.  I'm such a nice wife for 1.  making him wear the costumes, and 2. for announcing it to the world.  He's such a good sport though:)  Love him!!!

The party was awesome.  Complete with party favors and batman masks for everyone!  In fact, it was so great that when it was all over Zane said, "I want to have another birthday party!!!"  
Look at how happy the little guy is!  Cute and shy as we sing happy birthday to him:)
My other PRECIOUS nephews with Batman.  Little Brandt seems to like Batman:)  Jaxon was a bit afraid at first...but loved it.  He kept saying, "Hi man," as he waved and followed batman around.  So cute!  He also loved my cupcakes!  whoo!  Sweet success!  And, don't you just love their batman shirts!?  Tiffany said it was just an image off of Google image and an iron on transfer!  Genius!

He's pretty much my superhero too:)

*melt*  This picture makes my day.  Do you see the mutual love? :)  They were having so much fun! We are so blessed:)

This coming week's calendar is not quite as packed, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!  My plans are to work on the house, which might just mean cleaning it and keeping it that I DIDN'T do last week:)
...or maybe I'll try to take over the world:)

Hope yours is grrrreat!

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  1. Birthday cake looks amazing and that party looks like tons of fun! I am sure it will be very memorable.

    Nice job on the landscaping so far. You have a really nice place.