Thursday, October 21, 2010


2 Posts in one day...amazing!  I just thought I'd break it up a bit since the last post was ridiculously long.  Even I got bored reading it!!  Also, the FM Store is so great that it deserves it's own post.  For real.

If you are in the Springfield area and needing to decorate a room or get some inspiration, the FM Store is the perfect place!
Located at the Southwest corner of Sunshine and Fremont.
I drove past it a lot in college, and thought nothing of it.  The outside is rather shabby.  Then, one day, I was having trouble finding a fabric I could afford to make cornice boards for my living room.  My mother-in-law said I might have some luck at the FM Store.  She really talked it down on the phone.  I think she didn't want to get my hopes up.  I about fell over the first time I went in.  Affordable fabrics as far as the eye could see!!!
Sometimes you have to dig...

Sometimes you don't.  There are very few things that make me want to have babies RIGHT NOW!  This fabric is one of those

If I remember correctly, most of the decorator fabrics run about $7 a yard.  That may seem pricey, but compared to Jo-Ann's and other fabric stores, it's not bad at all.  A few of the fabrics I remember liking at Jo-Ann's were $14-$80 a yard!  They also have other types of fabrics.  Lots of quilting fabrics and beautiful upholstery fabrics.  Here's a closer look at some things that caught my eye!

3 above pictures are choices from the 2.99-3.99 bin.  Could totally make something work if on a tight budget!

Kitchen/Laundry?  For:  curtains and pillows and seat cushion for window seat.  Looks lovely with the paint color:)

I have no place to put this, but I really really want to find a place!  Maybe I'll convince Shawnie to put it in their new office or something.  Apparently Eric loves purple...NOT!!!

Nursery/temporary craft room?  Not what I had originally planned, but it could look very nice!  (the walls will be similar to the blue in the fabric.

I would love to put these fabrics in the basement living area.  Maybe it won't be a man-cave after all...

I have vowed to use burlap SOMEWHERE in the new house.  It is so cheap and full of texture!  I also think it would be a fabulous and inexpensive table runner at a casual/creative wedding.  Have I ever mentioned that I want to be a wedding planner?  Well, "I do..."
My original plan was to have a set of Muslin curtains in all of the living areas as a jumping off point.  It's so clean and simple (an inexpensive!).  I wonder if I can hold myself back from all of the color available!
So there you have it!  A very small glimpse of my favorite store in Springfield!  (And a VERY small glimpse of the crazy ideas running through my brain!) Doesn't it just make you want to reupholster something...or make some drapes!?  I'm not going to lie, My plan was to go to a thrift store and pick up a crappy piece of furniture to refinish/recover.  I forced myself to come home and blog because I'm supposed to be in money-saving mode!  Someday...(sigh)

:)Have a happy day!


  1. HEY YOU!!! I just found this! I love blogs and will now stalk yours. : )

  2. Between this post and the last, it sounds like you are going to be in design heaven decorating your new place. I found a lot of inspiration from this blog: in case your interested. Layla has a real good eye for decor. Good luck with your new place and hope you find lots of inspiration! :)

  3. Thought I would sneak another link to you that you might enjoy: This girl creates furniture plans for popular furniture items from places like Pottery Barn, then shares them with visitors for free. I have found lots of cool furniture ideas here, just wish I had the equipment and know-how to make them for real!