Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Master Suite

If you haven't noticed, I have the worst camera ever!  Wes and I wanted a small one to take on our honeymoon, so we went to Walmart and bought the cheapest (yet highest megapixel)  camera they had.  I knew better, but I did it anyway.  Now, we are looking for a new one, and I can't quite decide if I want to get a tiny point and shoot, or one of those mega-zoom cameras.  If you have any knowledge on this topic, do share!  Until I get one, you will have to tolerate my crappy pics!  (Oh...and I never realized how hard it is to take a good photo of a room!  That's why people post so many "detail" pictures!

Anyway... on with the tour!

view from the hall

My husband's taste in furniture:)  Not to shabby!  I really love the dresser...a lot.


Amazing shower/jetted tub.  I hated our last shower head, so we got a rain shower head, and a hand-held, multi-setting water-massage shower head thing.  It's awesome...makes taking showers sooo enjoyable.  Ha!

What beautiful lighting!  (bleh!!!)

my side...Wes's side is just the same:)
In conclusion, a completely un-related picture.  The kids at church LOVE my husband, as you can see from the picture.  They found him on our way out Sunday after the evening service.  It really is kind of cute.  I think they are afraid of me.  I don't blame them ;)
Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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