Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been waiting to share pictures of our house on facebook, because I have never felt like any of the rooms were complete enough to share.  I feel the longer we stay in our house, the better it gets.  I guess I was waiting until it was PERFECTly complete.  (A near impossible feat, as I am always changing my mind!)  Now that we are putting our house on the market, I guess it is as complete as it's gonna get!
So, for all of my friends and family who haven't been to the humble Stewart abode, welcome!

It is a 1600sq. ft., 3 bedroom, two bath house (in the most amazing location, I might add)  Because I am a detail girl, I am going to spread this tour over a couple of posts.  Today's Post:  The living room and kitchen:)


The view of our very large living room from the front door.  I feel the need to say that I take credit for all of the color in the entire house.  There weren't a lot of places that I could add color, as Wes had a lot of really nice brown things before I came along:)

View of the living room from the dining area.  Notice the greenery in the left corner.  It is a plant that my brother-in-law grew from a seed...from a lemon...from his lemonade.  (well, maybe not lemonade...but something made from lemons)  Ridiculous.

dining and kitchen

About as festive as can get for fall until I have more storage space...

I LOVE our kitchen.  It has tons of storage and is extremely functional.  We have been to open houses in our neighborhood (our competition), and none of the kitchen/living areas...or floorplans, for that matter, can touch ours.  booyah! 

Coat closet door, garage door, and desk area. 

You may be wondering why I am posting a picture of the inside of my pantry.  Well...there is one answer to that...because it's AMAZING!  :)  Not my organizing skills, but the actual pantry.  The wall on the right has 4 shelves that are a couple of feet deep (the depth of the refrigerator:) ).  That was all that was in there until this summer, when we added the shelves on the far wall and on the left.  It doubled our storage space (at least) and improved our capacity to be organized and efficient.  I'm in LOVE with it!!!

See our new shelves!  The shelves on the left will fit one row of cans, which makes it super easy to find things.  I also put dried goods such as rice and pasta, and baking supplies like baking soda and corn meal in labeled canning jars.  I included expiration dates and cooking instructions on the lids.  Love it!  Libby and I think the pantry will sell the house!  yeah!

The coat closet after a makeover.  This coat closet has removable shelves to store things like my disgusting amount of frivolous kitchen appliances, and my packed china.  It also has all of our cookbooks and kitchen items we buy in bulk.  There is room in front of the shelves for my mop and broom.  If you would prefer to actually use it as a coat closet (or have shelves AND hanging space), simply take out a few of the shelves, and put the rod in the pockets provided.  IT'S AWESOME!!  So adjustable, it's perfect for EVERY family!

A view of the hall.  First door on right: Antique/craft room.  Folding doors: Laundry, Far room:  Guest bedroom, door across from laundry:  Bathroom.  Master is the first door on the left.
So, as you can tell, I love this house.  Some things will be very hard to leave behind, but I also look forward to doing some things differently in our next house (De-manifying, "lightening" the decor).  I can't wait to break up all of the brown and spread it through a space that's twice as big:).

This concludes today's tour.  Check back soon to see the rest!  Oh, and if you want to buy the house, I'll sell it to ya!  haha!

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow...nice place...can't wait for the rest of the tour. I miss my pantry...our last place had a small but decent pantry. Yours is just amazing! I also love what you have done to your coat closet! Beautiful kitchen and I love that fireplace!