Saturday, October 23, 2010


So, it is official.  The purchasing of our new house has been put on hold.  The government has passed some new laws on foreclosures, so I guess the banks are trying to figure things out, so ALL foreclosures have been put on hold. As far as I understand it, the new laws don't pertain to the situation of this house.  I'm kind of sad, as I was really hoping to be in the house in March.  We are planning a high school reunion with some of my favorite people on the planet and was hoping to house them all at the new place!  Looks like that might not happen (but the reunion is still on!).

Today we were driving past the house on our way home from Lowes.  (we drive by it on our way home often!)  and there was a car in the driveway with the sale sign in the trunk.  We assumed it was the selling agent so we got out of the car to see if we could get any clarity on the situation.  She said they haven't disclosed a ton of information, but it is an indefinite hold, and she would let us know as soon as the hold is lifted.  (indefinite, meaning, the date given for foreclosures that the new laws pertain to is in March, so anytime between now and then...hopefully!)  When that happens, we will continue with our contract, as if no time had passed at all.  She also said that it is all part of God plan, and He might be trying to teach us something.  Then she chuckled and asked if we had learned any lessons about patience lately.  That seriously made my day!  I LOVE it when people speak boldly about God to perfect strangers!  We have talked about how it is all part of God's plan, but it was just really good to hear someone else say it.  As far as the lessons we are learning...I think mine is probably less of patience, and more of priorities:)  I have been getting awfully into planning for the new house, as you may have noticed from my last 2 posts.  I'm glad to have be put back on the right track!

We are not terribly concerned about it, as we know God is in control.  Wes also said it is fun to be part of history in the making! Haha!

So that's what's going on.  Some of you have asked about the situation because you have seen stuff on the news about foreclosures.  I don't watch the news, so, until this week, I was completely clueless as to what is going on.  I am probably still clueless, but I'm at least "aware" that something is happening.:)

Have a wonderful day!

song I'm listening to:  Jesus' Love Never Fails Me ~Hillsong:)

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