Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So. Close.

The holiday season is over!  I look so forward to the holidays every year, but this year I am thankful they are over!  Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, but this traveler is weary.  This shopper is spent.  This party goer is pooped.

I came...

My mom and my sis at Grandpa and Grandma Woemmel's house for Thanksgiving
 I saw...

Sunset on Venice Beach in Florida.  (Stewart Family Vacation)
I conquered...

I had my Christmas decorations up and down in a timely manner!
 (And there you have the only 3 pictures I have of myself the whole season....well...not quite.  But close!  It's the downside to being the camera girl!) 

Since Thanksgiving, we have visited my parents twice, gone to Florida and Texas.  I feel like all I do is pack, drive, PARTY, drive, unpack, ridiculous laundry, re-pack, drive, PARTY, drive, etc....with the occasional stressful shopping trip and mini-party at my place. 

I'm tired.  I miss my routine...




Those aren't the real reason why I am excited the crazy festivities have come to an end.  They aren't the real reasons at all.  If you know me at all,  I bet you can guess why I'm glad.  I mean, if you have been around me even once since...say...October, you know what's on this chick's mind.


Let me tell you, I am beyond excited for the day to get here! It's like I am in some sort of purgatory-in between 2 crazy great things!  The excitement from the holidays has left me feeling a tad bit antsy.  I'm sure I could find things, but I don't really want to start new projects either.  Mostly because I fear I won't be able to finish them before we get the house.  Basically, I'm trying my hardest to just rest because life is about to get very hectic...for several  months.

I will say, Wes and I have been doing a few things to prepare here and there.  For example, we picked out our kitchen appliances (JOY!!!) and I refinished these chairs for the kitchen:
If you look closely you will see stains on the fabric, and the wood is just a little worn and sticky looking.

I got the chairs and a table from my parents for free.  I think my dad bought them off of craigslist for about $75 for my parents' temporary home.  I don't think my mom liked them.  I like the style, but they were icky.

LOVE IT!!  I know the transformation isn't that dramatic.  In person it is a bit more noticeable.  The chairs are darker and shinier.  It looks fresh!

Lovely fabric!  I wish I could get more!  I bought a remnant at the FM store for $5.  It was just BARELY enough to finish all four chairs!  I'm so glad I had enough!

Now she wants them back!  I simply sanded them a bit and added a couple coats of tinted glossssssy polyurethane and new fabric to the cushions.  I love them!  I almost feel like it is unfair to show them in a corner rather than the fabulous kitchen that is in my head.  Haha!  Someday you will see what I see.  Someday.  I wanted them to be really dark, but after 2 coats and not a lot of change in color, I decided I am good with  them the way they are! The table has a few more imperfections than the chairs did (which is why the momma disliked them so!)  I plan on filling the scratches and sanding it this weekend.  Then, it will be painted the same cream color as the trim and the cabinets.  We will actually paint the table at the same time we paint the cabinets, to save time and effort.

The time is coming.  I am excited.  Until that time comes, I am going to relax and get as much alone time with my hubby as I can!  He's a very focused man, so, though we will be together a lot when we are making the not so beautiful house into a gem, I have a feeling it won't really feel like we're spending tons of time together.  I will definitely miss our Saturdays when we sleep in until 10:00, and lay on the couch watching house flipping shows until noon.  However, it's kind of neat because instead of watching other people's projects and dreaming of our own, we will actually be doing it for ourselves!

8 Days!!!  (unless the bank needs more time...which it might:)) Yay!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

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  1. Great blog Michelle! I love the picture of you with you Mom and Shawn! You all look awesome!

    Also, wanted to let you know that your home is beautiful. Can't wait to see photos of your new home, good luck with the home buying process!