Thursday, January 20, 2011

Annoyed Yet?

We are buying a house...promise!  If you're not annoyed with my meaningless updates, you can be assured that I am!  Sorry.  I feel like I'm "leading you on!"

I've been hesitating to update on the house because everytime I open my mouth, something changes!!  I don't think this is a false alarm, though.  At least, I hope not:)

Earlier this week we were given the appraised value of the house (after renovations), which determines how much our loan for construction will be, and is one step closer to closing.  It was good...real good, and we are thrilled:)  Now that the bank has this bit of information, they have all they need to finalize the loan.  We are supposed to close next Wednesday!  I was about to say it is only 2 weeks later than our first closing date, but that is not true, is it?  It is months later, because of that silly little hold! (I'm going to stalk my own blog, because I don't remember when our original date was.  I knew this thing would come in handy!  Ha!)

When I think about it, it could sound like the process to get this house was a real pain in the rear, but it was actually the opposite!  We were definitely a bit anxious to get the house (still are) but it has definitely been bearable, and we see so many benefits to the way things worked/are working out!  Don't you just love looking back at life and realizing that YOUR plan was definitely not the BEST plan?  I do!  I also love how everything just falls into place.  De-lightful!

I can't help but wonder why I am so blessed when I am sooo completely undeserving.  Every time Wes and I receive news on the house, we are just amazed and humbled (because, for some reason, the news just keeps getting better and better).  It's really a rare opportunity, and we have not doubt that it is God given!  We feel like all along the way we have been getting His confirmation that we are following Him with these decisions.  His timing and His plans are perfect, and we thank and praise Him for that!!


I'll be relaxing until then:) Ha!  (I'm affffffffraid of all that work!!!)

I hope your eyes are opened to see the goodness and the grace of the Lord today!!!

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