Friday, January 28, 2011

Forming a new habit...

I'm writing a house update, not because anything significant happened, but because I want to make blog updating a habit through this whole process!

Here's what happened today:
1.  City Utilities fixed a leak and turned our water on!  Let the real work begin!
2.  I cleaned the countertops so we can use them without feeling disgusting.
3.  I peeled about 3 square feet of wallpaper, and decided it is going to completely suck!!!  (I also realized I need more tools.)
4.  I changed some light bulbs.
5.  We bought a huge desk and a credenza desk for the office/craft room/future nursery!  We got an excellent deal at the salvation army, and have big plans to make them BEAUTIFUL!  Crafty people all around are going to be envious of my space!  Just kidding.  Kinda.  :)  I'll take pictures tomorrow, and reveal the plan.  However, like the free kitchen table that goes with the chairs I refinished, these babies won't be painted until we spray the rest of the stuff in the house, to save effort.  We must be patient!  Booo patience!!!

I know that was probably boring, but it is so significant to me.  The ball is rolling!  I can hardly believe it!  We waited so long, and the time has come!

Hope you have something you are excited about right now:)  It's the way to live.

Good night!

P.S.  If you have any tips on removing wallpaper, or are bored and in the Springfield area, let me know:)

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