Friday, August 19, 2011

It's About Time!!!

Guess what I got today!!!!!

The Internet!!!!

Not the best.  The slowest internet AT&T offers (it's so stinkin' pricey!)...but the internet none the less!

People wonder why I haven't been blogging...

It's hard when you don't have the internet...


But be not sad, ye friends and family who only get updates on my freakishly insane life through my random and lenghty blog post, for I am back!  (and I am probably butchering the English language...what can I say, I'm out of practice!  Oh...and I have 2 ESL students living in my house.  I also blame them for my bad English...and for the 5 pounds that are residing on my thighs since I started eating meals at regular )  I have LOTS to share!

Our life has been changing at a very rapid rate.  Within a 2 week span, our family went from this:

Just Wes and I.  This picture was actually taken some holiday a couple of years ago;)
To this:

Meet Daniel (top left) and Val (top right).  They are living with us for the semester.  Daniel is from Slovakia and Val is from Germany.  As you can see, they are loads of fun:)  I think we are going to make lots of fabulous memories together.

Also, our house has gone from this (obviously, it has taken more than 2 weeks for this transformation, but I have yet to share the "afters"):

To this:

I absolutely cannot wait to get back into this whole blogging thing!  I have missed it!

I'd love to get started right now, but I'm taking the boys on a field Target!  Haha!  They've never been there, so hopefully it's as exciting for them as it is for me:) 


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