Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foaming Hand Soap

A while back, I bought several bottles of foaming hand soap, and a large refill, because I like how it never leaves globs of soap in the sink.  I thought it would last longer because it adds so much air to the product.  About a week after I bought the stuff, the bottle in the hall bathroom was half-empty!  It didn't last long at all!

This will seem disconnected, but it fits...I promise.  Last night, my darlin' and I had a little discussion about how we need to change our budgeting strategy.  Last time I wrote about budgeting, our life was much different.  Now, with a larger, more expensive house (that is still not complete), and two teenage boys to feed, we really need to be mindful of where our money goes.  You make sure we don't go bankrupt. ;)

This morning, I was all excited about our new "challenge" to stretch our dollars further.  I was researching things like rice and bean recipes and how to cook a whole chicken, when something crossed my eye....a link called "Make Your Own Foaming Soap."  WHAT!?    I totally thought it was some scientific concoction that could only be made in labs.  As it turns out, you can make your own with liquid soap and water!  THAT'S. IT. 

I thought I'd try this out to see if it actually worked.

It did.  Like a charm.  And I didn't even measure...
The blog post says it can stretch your soap 75% further.  This means that gallon of hand soap I bought right after we got married (and are just now finishing up) could have lasted another 6 years if I would have started this back then:)  Crazy, crazy! (mahahaha...)

Here's the recipe, right from the blog:

How to Make Foaming Hand Soap

  1. Obtain a bottle of liquid hand soap refill.  You should easily be able to find a 32 ounce bottle for under $5, especially if you are coupon savvy.
  2. Reuse an old foaming soap dispenser, or purchase a new one.
  3. Add 1-2 Tablespoons of liquid hand soap to the bottom of your soap dispenser. {You can also use Castille Soap, a frugal must}
  4. Fill with warm water; slowly!
  5. Shake gently, to combine.  Pump the pump a couple of times to get the foaming started.
  6. Voila!
And here's the link:

The top of the blog reads, "Keeping the Kingdom First- balancing faith, family, and frugality," and the mission of the blogger is to,  "Honor God with my finances, encourage and equip others to do the same, discover new and creative ways to reduce spending in order to increase giving, and balance this journey with marriage and motherhood."  I just thought that was wonderful.  It was a nice little encouragement this morning, and a reminder to strive to honor God with every part of my life.  ...and I learned how to make foaming hand soap!

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