Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wide Open Spaces- Weekend 2

At this point, I'm thinking the only person who would be interested in these house update posts is my future self.  Nothing is beautiful just yet.  Actually, things look much more chaotic with our mess and all of the "construction" going on.  Someday I will get to the pretty/fun/diy stuff.  Hopefully sooner than later!

If I am mistaken, and you are interested in our progress, read on! 

This weekend was filled with knocking down walls and, you'll never guess what else.  That's right...removing wallpaper.  These two very different things have had a similar effect on our house;  they make it feel much more open!

Wes (with a bunch of help from his brother, Eric) expanded the opening in the wall between the kitchen and the living room.

This is the lovely open view from the formal dining room.  So open!!!

The view from the kitchen to the living room.

I haven't added a picture of the wall that he knocked down.  I just found this one on my computer.  It was the wall with the 3 windows in it.  The windows had etched glass.  So 80s:)  Glad we were able to bring it up to date!!  We were so shocked it wasn't a load bearing wall...and so glad!  We love the results.  Notice the wall paper in the room to the right?

It's gone!  so much better!

Wes also started the process of making our half bathroom a full bathroom.  He'll add the tub next week:)  Also, he did a lot of demolition in the master bathroom.  He's such a stud!
I haven't yet finished the removing of wallpaper.  I'm not going to this week.  I'm going to do some other, more exciting projects because I am definitely becoming a whiner!  It's not good.  Refinishing bathroom vanities and spray painting things sounds like much more fun!!!  Can't wait!  Oohhh!!!  Plus, I have a friend coming over to refinish some furiniture in our crazy, dust filled house.  I'm so excited! 

In other news, my past shopping trips have been very successful!  I've gotten a few things that I've been wanting for a while!

My first mercury glass...thing.  It's a tea light holder, and was on clearance at TJ Maxx!  I LOOOOVE that place!!!  It reminds me of a pineapple, which is a symbol of hospitality.  Just one more reason to love it!  Oh!  And this was the first picture I used custom white balance on my camera!  I'm so proud of myself! :)  Still frustrated with my photographyness, though.  My computer still shuts down if I play with the pictures too much, so all of my shots recently have been 100% un-edited.) 

I got this ceramic deer at a thrift store.  It had a nasty christmas bow and some plastic holly glued to it.  I just ripped it off and was left with this beauty!  Can't wait to find it a home at the new house!

I've been needing a jewelry organizer for a while now.  Though it was not cheap by my standards, it was much needed, so worth it! 
  So there you have it.  Another random updates post by Michelle.

Now I'm going to bed. :)

Stay warm!

Good Night!

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  1. Wow! I'm pretty impressed by all you guys are doing! I would never know how to do any of that. And I love how open things are now. AND I'm happy you finally got something that is mercury glass. Very cool!