Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend 3

First of all, it is Valentine's day, so I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't say something about my precious man friend...

 He is wonderful, and I love him very dearly...

And he is super manly, talented, and smart.  He completed this bathroom like he completes me.  This 1/2 is now a whole:)

I try to make him smile like he makes me smile.  Yes...that is a Forrest Gump themed Valentine's gift.  I'm lame, but it's the only idea I had.

Basically, he's wonderful.  God has really, really blessed me:)

This weekend  update is a little late, and for that, I apologize.  My mom visited me from Wednesday, and is leaving in the morning.  Guess what she did.  That's right.  Finished the wallpaper project.  What a saint, she is!  Haha!  She also painted the inside of the vanities in the basement.  Basically, she did the crappiest jobs ever (and even got sick from the fumes in the process:( ).  She didn't complain once.  I'm so thankful to have a mom like her.  While she did those terrible tasks, I began the refinishing process on the vanities in the basement.  I only finished one, and the before and after pictures are below.  The other 2 vanities are in various stages of the process.  I stripped the finish, sanded, stained, glazed, and polyurethaned them.  I can't decide if I love them or not.  The grain is so heavy, and the cabinet isn't as dark as I hoped it would be, even after 3 applications of stain.  I think I will barely have enough stain to finish the vanities upstairs, so I might get a darker stain for them.  I visited Sherwin-Williams the other day (after I had already started staining the basement cabinets), and saw they had a much better selection of stains than Lowes.  They also gave advice that contradicted what the Lowes people told me...and it worked.  I think I am going to visit them more often!  I used the glaze over the stain, after it was dry, of course.  I love that it adds depth and a richness to the cabinets!  Maybe all the ugliness around the cabinet is distracting me:)  We'll see how I feel about them when the walls no longer look like purple sandpaper, and they nasty carpet is replaced with travertine:)

I apologize for the bluish tint.   This vanity was a beat up version of the typical, orangy oak cabinets found in lots of homes.

That's basically all we did this weekend.  This house is going to be a slow project, but I'm still thoroughly enjoying it:)  I'm so glad I am, as we've only owned it for 2 1/2 weeks!  Ha!

Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love!!!


  1. I'm sad I did not get to see my mommy. I feel better today though!

  2. Those cabinets look nice! And I am sure he loved your V-day two make a very cute couple. I can't wait to see more of that new house. Keep posting!