Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend 4- Complete Craziness!

This week was full of unexpected good times!  If you recall from my last post, my mom visited me for a week.  Since she left things have just been crazy!  I had 3 friends unexpectedly visit Springfield from out of town!  THREE!  It's kind of a weird thing that never fails to happen.  My friends from college (who do not necessarily talk to each other) always show up in the same week.  Like...the past 4 times I have seen them.  It's ridiculous!

Despite all of my visitors, Wes and I got a lot accomplished on the house and in life.  (There are some important and exciting things in our future!  Don't worry.  I'll share!)

Let's start with the house.

I finished one more vanity.  I really hoped to finish them all this week, but that didn't even come close to happening!  I was way too busy having fun!

Wes built some headers, did some plumbing, and knocked down walls and the arched ceiling in the master bathroom.  We have an amazing plan for this room!  I am so excited about it!

Here's what it looked like with walls...

It's a bit drafty in there right because there is no ceiling.  You can see all the way through the attic, to the roof!  (The picture below was taken from  the shower area looking into the master bedroom.)  Notice the arched drywall.  It will be so much more open feeling without the wall and the higher ceilings!!!

I debated on whether or not I even wanted to add the next picture for two reasons.  1.  I wasn't supposed to do this until our house was finished (but it was so stinkin nice outside!!!) and 2.  It was a total disaster.  I painted the doghouse.  It did not turn out quite like I imagined.  I'm hoping it looks happier on a sunny day.  In the future, I'd like to add some more white trim around the edges, a cute sign that says "Dixie," and maybe some planters around it...or terra cotta pots with cutsie little flowers.  I told Wes I think it looks trashy.  He agreed and dissed my color.  I'm convinced it's a good color, so I blamed his unfinished dog house:)  I am now totally set on making this doghouse super cute without repainting it.  Wes said I'm prideful and that we should just re-paint it.  It's totally true...I'm prideful.  It will look cute in the future.  Mark my words!  If you have any ideas, please share.  Like I said, I'm determined :)

I'm sad...I might like the before better...

Two lovely ladies from youth group have been visiting me and creating an AMAZING piece of art for our mantel.  I found a piece online that was EXACTLY what I wanted...but it was super expensive.  I knew these girls are very artistic, so I showed them the painting.  They said they thought they could recreate it...and have they ever!  This is just a sneak peak of the work in progress.  I'll share how we did it and the final results later!  We have one more work day before it's complete:)

In other exciting news, we are getting a foreign exchange student for the fall semester next year!!  We had an interview on Thursday evening, and got the last bit of our information in today.  Most people think we are crazy, and question why we are doing it now, but Wes and I are extremely pumped about it.  Many of you probably know that I LOVE when people stay with us.  We feel we are in a great season of our life to be able to really pour into our student and give him a great international experience!  We are praying that we all get along, and that it is an enjoyable experience.  We are also praying that we all learn and grow from it!  If you want to shoot up a little prayer for us, that would be awesome.

We are already planning some trips we hope to take the kid on.  Today I met with my friend, Karson, and began planning our trip to Montana.  We had this trip planned before we decided to get a student, but we are thrilled that there is a chance he will be able to come.  We are going to fit a ton in the week and a couple of days that we are planning.  It is going to be crazy and amazing!  A few of the things we have planned are Glacier National Park, Yellowstone Park, Mt. Rushmore, Canada, as well as stopping and doing a little sight seeing in Denver, CO and Sioux Falls, SD.  I can hardly wait!  I heard all of those places are so breathtaking!

Speaking of breathtaking...spring favorite.  I'm pretty sure I see some daffodils sprouting up in my yard.  My mom planted them last summer, so I haven't seen them bloom yet!  I think it's time I planted those tulips I didn't plant last fall.  I read that if they are chilled they can be planted in very early spring.  They have been chilled, and they are starting to sprout in the bag!  I hope they do well, as I am using them to help "stage" our house for spring.  If you have any advice on that, do share!

Hope you have been enjoying the warmer weather!  (Please be gone for good, winter!!!)


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