Monday, November 22, 2010

F-F-F-Fooo-FOCUS, Michelle!

I have not been blogging for very long, and I have already learned a little bit about myself.  I always feel like I have a lot to blog about.  However, when it comes to actually writing the blog posts, one of three things happen:
1.  I wait too long, and begin to think it's old news
2. I plan a project and hope to blog about it...then it fails miserably, so I don't blog about it
3.  I finally decide to blog about the 20 things that have been on my mind, and I do by creating overwhelmingly long and crazy posts.

I figure, when I do the latter of the three, at least I'm writing.  I am making it my goal to blog a little more frequently, and a little less ADDly:).  I also don't want to let the first two things to hold me back! I am writing about old news and epic fails!!  Aren't you excited!  :)  Oh...and that's only 2 topics for one post. It's a start!  Weeeeeeeening....

I like to attribute my fail to the misrepresentation of the color of spray paint on the cap. 
looks like nice solid chrome, doesn't it? 
It seems to be a huge trend right now to spray paint the heck out of decor items to get the look you want.  I just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do some spray paintin' myself!  I was inspired by mercury glass.  I LOVE mercury glass!  It's so shiny and metallic, yet delicate, and feminine.   I wanted some!!
perfect example of what I love from pottery barn
The thing that held me back from BUYING some was that in the house we are currently in, I have no place for it...and it can be expensive (in my opinion).  However, while dreaming about our next house, I decided I must have some!  While brainstorming about how to get my hands on some of this dainty mercury glass, I came up with the bright idea to make my own!  At first I thought I was a freakin' genius!  Then, I was brought back down to earth when I started thinking about how I would get the exact look.  Because I know I'm not the only one who has lusted over it, I googled, "make your own mercury glass."  Woop!  Tons of hits!  Most of them said you get the glassware that you want to make into faux mercury glass, tape of the parts you don't want to be sprayed (the outside of the vase/cup/votive holder/whatev) spray the inside with a mist of water, then quickly spray a light coat of silver spray paint over the water. 
not too many supplies...
I was so excited, but my bubble was quickly burst with my results.

If you look closely, the spray paint isn't nearly as shiny as the cap would lead you to believe, and the water dripped all over the place when the spray paint hit it.  I originally thought one of those fake tea lights would look good in this, but I think it would emphasis the runs.  So sad!  Not a complete loss, though!  I think the matte looking paint and this same concept of adding a tea light could work! If you skipped the water step, and instead made cutouts of things like snowflakes or something else seasonal using those new completely sticky post-it labels as a stencil.  It could be seasonal, shimmery, and fun!  I also think it would be a fun project for kids to help with!

Project 2:
Brass tissue box cover I bought at a thrift store.
finished product
I thought it would look like hammered silver...but it looks kind of glittery.  Weird.  I'll still use it, as it is still better than your average cardboard tissue box...just not what I had envisioned.

Yay for that...

The old news is just something I saw at the thrift store, and felt a huge desire to share.  Can you guess what this pretty little brass flower is used for?


An ASHTRAY!  Crazy!  Each petal comes off and acts as a personal, mini ashtray.  It makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, and the time. when smoking was elegant.   I've never had the urge to have smokers in my house until I saw this fun little thing.  The urge quickly went away as soon as I remembered how much I hate being around cigarettes:)  But, I seriously kinda wanted to buy the was only 2.50, and oh-so-nifty!

That is all I have tonight!

Hope yours is great!

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  1. That's probably the coolest ashtray ever! You totally should have gotten it, even if smoking is gross. Sorry about your projects, but don't give up! And keep blogging. I wanna read more!