Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And so begins another great year...

There is this new approach to health called holistic health. It claims that in order to be healthy the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental need to be addressed and cared for. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really believe this is new news, as the bible addresses all of those issues! I would, however, reorder them and rank the spiritual realm as most important. I want my blog to be an adventure of the ins and outs of my days as I learn new things in all areas of my life (sweet life skills!!!), and as I strive to become a better wife, friend, daughter, sister, servant, etc. For me, and I believe for everyone, when it really comes down to it, growing in my relationship with Christ is the most important thing I can do for all of my relationships as well as for myself.

The one sure way to grow in relationship with God is to get into His word. Now, I haven’t always been the best at this. Actually, I’m still not even close to good at it! I have been a Christian for a long time, and reading my bible daily has always been my biggest struggle. However, I have found accountability to be a huge blessing. This is why I PRAISE THE LORD that BSF started today!!!

If you have not heard of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), it is an international program that teaches the bible in depth. I believe it takes 8 years to do all of the studies! Each week consists of reading the bible and answering questions daily, going to a discussion group and lecture over what you read, and reading notes (commentary). Yes, it is intense, and sometimes it may feel repetitive, but Wes and I (and the whole Stewart family would agree with me, I’m sure), feel it is the best tool for personal study we’ve found to truly understand the bible and imprint the words and stories in our hearts and minds. I’m not going to say it is always fun. I was in a funk at the beginning of last year and remember several times where I didn’t want to go at all…and sometimes I didn’t even enjoy it. However, looking back at the year, I see how God brought me back to Him through my desire to uphold my reputation as responsible in my eyes as well as in others’. (What a terrible reason to study the bible!! Thank God He knows how to reach us, though! Ha!)
This year we are studying Isaiah! How exciting to study the man whose very name means Jehovah saves/God is salvation! Our lecture leader said the message of Isaiah was something like this (summarized): There is only hopelessness in human endeavors that promote significance through earthly pleasures and significance and totally neglect God. The only remedy is to trust in God and his redemption. I’m greatly looking forward to it!

Now that you’ve read my plug for BSF, if you’re interested in Springfield there is are two meetings for women (Wednesday at 9:10 am, Mondays at 6:45pm) and one for men (Monday at 6:50). They run for the duration of the school year, the summers are off. If you are not in this area, it is an international ministry, so check to see if there is one near you!  You can't just show up, though!  There are introduction classes once a month.  If you are interested, contact me or a leader in your area:)
Thanks for reading!
Have a stupendous day!!!

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