Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekend 5- Baby Steps

Sorry the update is a bit late!  I feel like it's been pretty crazy around here!  Looking back, it really shouldn't have felt as crazy as it did!  Oh well!

I did not get to do much work on the house this past weekend because I was making this...

For this little guy.  He turned 2!!!

There is absolutely no other person on earth who I would rather make cakes for.  This is because there is not other person who loves cake as much!  I've talked about his love for cupcakes before, here.  I think the first time I noticed it was at Zane's batman party.  He just stood by the cupcake stand and stared.  He stuck out his little finger because he wanted to touch them so badly.  Occasionally, he would slip, and his finger would barely dent the icing.  I have so many pictures of him admiring the cupcakes at his Buzz Lightyear themed party and so many stories I'd love to share.  I'll just stick with one, this time:)  Like I said, he just stares at the cupcakes amazed.  I'm sure his little mouth is watering like crazy when he does this.  It's so cute, and it is very evident that his parents are teaching him self-control!  At one point, when he was sitting in the chair by the cakes, he picked up a cupcake and just held it close to his nose for about 10 seconds.  He was inhaling deeply, and I kinda wonder if he gave it a little lick too:).  He then looked up, and gently put the cupcake back.  It was precious!  I guess the embarrasement from the post linked above really taught him a lesson:)

According to crazy Uncle Wesley, the cupcake toppers also can be used as face art.  What a silly picture!

The party was super cute!  Even baby Brandt got into the festivities!  (sooo cute!!!!)

Unlike myself, Wesley did work on the house, despite his own crazy schedule.  He added drywall to the master bathroom.  It's looking great!  Obviously, still a ton of work to do, but we are making progress:)

Here's the view from the shower area.  Check out weekend 4's pictures to see what it was looking like:)

He also knocked down the weird brick thing in the basement.  It looks sooo much more open!  It's hard to see in the picture, but I also ripped out the tile in the bar/dining area.  I was feeling kind of badly about not working on the house for so long, so I made sure to get some work in yesterday.  It only took about 2 1/2 hours, but it was tough.  Oh to be a big strong Wesley!  About halfway through, I noticed my hammer-holding hand had a blister, and my forearm was swollen and super hard.  I felt like Popeye!  It didn't hurt or anything.  I kind of liked it.  It made me feel ripped!  Who needs to work out when you can work on...a house!!!

One condition that made demolishing the pretty pink tile difficult was the fact that my goggles kept fogging up.  Dr. Sister Shawn, I wanted to take them off so badly...but I didn't for you.  (Well, and a little bit because there were sharp shards of glaze popping me in the face every few minutes!

Aren't saftey goggles fun?  Not.  Kinda...
I had to wait until these ridiculous lines dissappeared before I allowed myself to go into public.  (And now I'm posting it for the world to see)

The end of big house progress until next weekend!  I should be working on the house instead of writing this blog post, but I planned on staying home and taking a nap today!  Wes's brother, Eric, loaned us this amazing grinder for Wes's espresso machine.  Wes made me a latte with some new coffee beans we wanted to try.  I drank half of it around 7 last night, and haven't slept since!  In the middle of the night, I totally planned my future garden at the new house.  Haha!  Now, I feel like crap...still buzzing, yet extremely tired...
I wonder if there was something else in those beans....

Have a happy day!  Hope the wonderful weather makes you giddy!!!

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